Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Taric's Ultimate is Underrated

No one would claim Taric is a weak pick, but his ultimate is often over looked in favor of his more obvious strengths like his stun and passive armor. Most people consider his ultimate little more than a nice burst for laning phase with a negligible stat bonus. But I would argue that the stat bonus one of Taric's biggest strengths, especially as we get into late game. At level 16 Taric will be able to offer his allies 35 AP and 35 AD for 10 seconds at 1000 range. Lets do some math on what that is worth.

A BF sword costs 1550 gold for 45 AD
1550/45 = 34.4 gold/ad
Therefore 35 AD is worth about 1206 gold

A Needlessly large rod is worth 1600 gold for 80 AP
1600/80 = 20 gold/ap
Therefore 35 AP is worth 700 gold

Now lets assume Taric does no damage, and assume you have 2 champions on your team who utilize the AP and 2 who can utilize the AD.

700 gold x 2= 1400 gold
1206 gold x2= 2412 gold
For a total of a 3812 gold advantage.
In comparison 4 towers are worth 3800 gold.
Or in CS that is about 200 CS at 19 gold per CS.

This is worse case scenario, where Taric doesn't do any damage at all and all of your champions only have 1 type of scaling. The right picks could bring out even more advantage for your team. Champions who scale well of AD and AP such as Jax, Corki, Kayle, Teemo, Kog'Maw, and Alkali will get much more from Taric's ult. 

Taric's ultimate is like a watered down Baron buff, and the best part about it is that no one really understands just how strong it is. The enemy team isn't worried about if your ult is up before a fight (which it always is with its 60 second base cooldown). The enemy team will constantly be underestimating the damage you are capable of doing leading to favorable situations. Taric's Ult is Truly Outrageous. 


  1. Alkali hard countered by acid

  2. It's not as good on the ad side if you use the gold efficiecy method that Riot uses, you use the cheapest source of that stat, but much better on the AP side. So it's a Long Sword(400 Gold - 10 AD) and Amplifying Tome(435 Gold - 20 AP), Making 1 AD = 20 gold and 1 AP = 21.75 gold. So overall, Taric's ult for 2 AD champs 2 AP champs is = 20 x 35 x 2 = 1400 gold with 21.75 x 35 x 2 = 1522.5 gold giving an overall 2922.5 gold advantage. So it's not as great overall, but you didn't factor in the fact that Taric also does extra damage with the aura, and that most champions still auto attack even if they are AP champions.. so in that case the total advantage is 21.75 x 35 x 5 = 3806.25 and 20 x 35 x 5 = 3500 for a total of a 7306.25 gold advantage.. and now we're talking plain ridiculous.

  3. "In comparison 4 towers are worth 3800 gold." 4 towers are worth 600 gold? Unless I'm horribly mistaken

  4. 4 towers are worth 600 gold to a single player, he is talking about the value to the team, which would be 600x5 = 3000 gold

  5. but it's 35 ap and ad for everyone in that perimeter,
    so the maths is (700+1206)X (1 to 5) (maximum of 5)